Verging Point Consulting


The following key principles anchor our Data and Analytics strategy:

  • Business focused – We provide a unique business perspective on how analytics can transform and improve an entire organization data driven capability, starting with our client’s key business issues.
  • Value oriented– We understand that for analytics to be successful, deep technical capabilities in areas such as information management and advanced analytics are critical, and our focus will be to guide the client to understand this concept using step by step tools.
  • Resource aligned – We understand that lack of experienced staff to fully support the system or end users introduces significant risks and we will work with the clients to mitigate such risks.
  • Technology-enabled – We will leverage a robust set of industry available set of infrastructure and tools to sanitize, store and manipulate data in accordance with the leading data security and privacy standards. We will recommend and consider platforms that are easily accessible and flexible to the needs of a broad range of clients while at the same time scalable and interoperable.