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Strategic Enterprise Asset Management

The Strategic Enterprise Asset Management practice determines how the asset-intensive organization teams managing the physical assets will function, what processes are needed, and what information technology systems are required to effectively manage these assets. Our Strategic Enterprise Asset Management practice represents a comprehensive, top-down approach to managing the physical assets by engaging with the entire asset management team for maximum profitability. Our practice is based on Operational Reliability Maturity Continuum which is an empirical model describing five stages of mastery that create a foundation of improved asset performance with growth potential continuing over a ten-year period. By describing the role of maintenance, operations, engineering, accounting and management in the asset life-cycle, our practice will provide guidance to the clients in the creation of a strategic plan for asset improvement, tied with bottom-line performance expectations. Our Strategic Enterprise Asset Management strategy will also assure organizations of sizable long-term cost savings as a result of effective asset operations management and improved financial tracking. For more information please email us at