Verging Point Consulting

Enterprise Data Management

VPC provide services tailored towards Enterprise Data Management by developing a comprehensive, concise and robust strategy for delivering integrated solutions for data governance, data warehousing, and business intelligence. Our Enterprise Data Management assist clients by creating a strategy and roadmap that features recommendations around their current state and best data management practices.  We guide our clients in the development of a robust data management practice tailored around artificial intelligence that addresses both their functional and technical problems. Our Enterprise Data Management practices leverages Artificial Intelligence capabilities and takes into consideration Responsible AI.

1. Data Governance.

Information is a strategic asset of every organization and is critical to decision-making. We work with and guide our clients in the development of Data Governance policies, business processes, and best practices to ensure proper data governance and management of their organizational data assets. This includes; forming a structure of oversight, roles, and committees to create and execute policies, procedures, and best practices across the organization.

a) Data Security:

VPC will assist and guide clients in establishing preventative measures to protect enterprise systems and information from unauthorized access, compromise, or attack and responding quickly and effectively when incidents may occur.

b) Data Management:

VPC will assist and guide clients in documenting the enterprise data systems and elements that are important to the organization while creating measures to ensure appropriate system availability, quality, and retention of those assets.

c) Data Compliance:

VPC will assist and guide clients to ensure active measures are in place to train, monitor, and audit ongoing compliance of the organization policies and state, federal, and international data management regulations.

2. Data Warehousing

The Enterprise Data Warehouse combines data from many source systems across the organization into a single repository guided by business processes and information from business data stewards. This data helps our clients to uncover trends and enable the organization’s operational and strategic decision-making. Our professionals will follow proven data warehouse methodology to extract, load and transform data to meet the business requirements.

3. Business Intelligence

VPC work with clients to deliver a broad category of application programs and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help the organization make better business decisions. Our Business Intelligence offering is committed to transformative problem solving through collaborative partnerships with the clients. Our Business Intelligence professionals will guide the clients in the selection and deployment of the various tools for users within the organization to facilitate the querying of data for reporting and decision making. For more information please email us at